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Was there any advancement in the #Twitter import, in order to import tweets (excluding mentions/replies) without that embedding style? The goal would be to mirror a Twitter account to look like an original #Friendica / #Fediverse account.
I can use instead, but then the feed import would have to be tweaked.

Isn't it possible to just retrieve a tweets text and media? That pretty much sounds like a scraper job, but maybe the API allows this too? I think #IFTTT can get the Tweets text, not sure about the media.

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A great function for #Friendica or some addon would be to replace links in posts automatically with urls that are more protective of privacy.

Replace all links with links to, this is a pure replacement and will actually result in the same embedding.
So this becomes this and the embedding still works.

There is other services like that, I don't remember the #YouTube thing at them moment.

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There is no way to mirror a #Twitter account in #Friendica for Twitter accounts that you don't own and if you just want to mirror the text and photo from that account?

Tipps how to do this?

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Would it be possible to exempt reshares in #Friendica from beeiing posted to #Twitter. Reshares look ugly on #Twitter.

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utzer - 2019-03-04 20:10:11 GMT
Is there a way to get posts delivered to #Twitter faster? There sometimes is many tasks with priority 40 and it then takes ages for a post to arrive on Twitter.

Any hidden parameter I can set? One of this magic things only Michael knows about?

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What should happen if I add a #Twitter user as a contact? I do not see any post if that user, but I am not sure why and if I should.

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Twitter Friendica test 2

Test tussen #twitter en #Friendica met tweets die te lang zijn, dus type ik hier een hoop onzin, wat niet abnormaal is voor mij om te doen dus moet twitter er maar mee om kunnen


Twitter test

Even testen of dit op #twitter geraakt :-)

Oh, #Polly seems to be I quite usable #Twitter client … →

Joseph Cannataci: "But since I believe in #privacy, I’ve never felt the need for being on #Facebook _and_ #Twitter"... consequent.

Krass. Zum ersten Mal die offizieller #Twitter #App installiert. Unglaublich, wie penetrant die App mich um mein Adressbuch anbettelt.

They don't want you to know that they steal your #Twitter photos and sell them as their own: #Twitpic #Privacy #tdwyt

Okay, the ~Friendica Connectors for #Twitter and #Facebook are set up.