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Fox News’ incendiary, fanatical rants serve to delegitimize to its viewers the very idea of a political opposition. Every Democrat is evil. Every person who disagrees with President Trump is an enemy of the state. Every career federal employee is a member of a deep state opposition.

This article, while a month old now, is still incredibly relevant and likely to have been missed during the chaos of past weeks. Given that, I think it makes sense to repost it.

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This is the video Americans should sharing; it elucidates what's happening here better than most others! I don't like reposting from major networks, but this is the full uncut press briefing by two republicans who could not be part of the cover up. The rest of their party is already on damage control, but this needs to be seen and for people to hear what Trumps minions said during the assassination debriefing!
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The ratings will be yuge.

Mueller to testify publicly on July 17 following a subpoena

"Special counsel Robert Mueller has agreed to testify publicly following a subpoena from the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees, the panels announced Tuesday."

"Mueller will testify publicly before both committees on Wednesday, July 17, according to a joint statement announcing the hearing."

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Let's Reinstate Net-Neutrality!

Please take a moment to help in the fight to restore net-neutrality! It's a very short & to the point bill that is being proposed here: It may take all of 1-2 minutes to read, as it only seeks to reenact the parts of the FCC that Ajit Pai has been dismantling for his former employer and other big corporate interests!

Ajit Pai ( is one of the more vile characters to come from Trump's administration, and he has clearly stated his interests in helping to destroy net neutrality along with any laws that might prevent monopolies from growing stronger and gaining control of every aspect of our digital lives! The FCC's purpose is NOT to help Verizon monopolize markets!

Here's a starting point for taking action on this:

You can simply sign the petition, but I also implore you to please take a few minutes and call some representatives as well! Our individual voices do little... but if enough of us show concern, and let them know that votes are at stake here, then someone might listen!

If you have other links or suggestions please share!

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Just a follow up on the post discussing the possibility that the North Korean nuclear summit had been executed. Apparently Kim Hyok Chol is still alive, however here's a bit from the Reuters follow-up article:
Sources told Reuters at the time that Kim Hyok Chol was facing punishment but there was no evidence he had been executed.

Chosun Ilbo also reported that Kim Yong Chol, a senior official with a leading role in talks with the United States, had been sent to a labor and re-education camp. It did not say when he had been sent there.
So do we believe this article? I think it's best to remain skeptical, as with the original or any article where there is some doubt. Whether these article's are true or not is certainly important - critically important! However, I find it really interesting that these claims do not at all seem unreasonable, or even unexpected nor surprising. So they are not very likely to change your opinion of North Korea, which doesn't make for very effective 'fake news'.

This does make me ponder, though... Is there even a fathomable scenario where one could imagine a 'deal' with NK that would be both acceptable to them, and beneficial to the world as a whole? Or a scenario that actually improves the lives of oppressed NK citizens? I can imagine, quite easily, scenarios that the Trump administration might find acceptable, but this is not merely a US issue, and we're only helping things if the end result is net good for all - not just the USA and NK. There seems to be nothing encouraging here and I worry that Trump's administration would end up accepting what amounts to something like this from NK: "okay, we'll play nice and not make long range nukes that can blow you up... we promise! You just drop sanctions and allow us to benefit greatly while running our oppressive dictatorship the same way we always have. Oh, and no inspectors! Okay?" and Trump thinks to himself, "okay, that's enough for me to tell my blindly loyal voters that I've solved the NK problem - I'm winning here so... IT'S A DEAL"!

Obviously I'm being a sarcastic ass here, but only a bit... that's what's crazy! Shit is so insane with this administration that we don't know where the bar is at for 'realistic' anymore! It's moving closer and closer to the same place the bar is at with NK - I just read yesterday that Trump brought up the idea of starting a government-run US news outlet... *deep sigh*


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According to South Korea, Donald Trump's (@realdonaldtrump) "friend" Kim Jong Un has executed members of his envoy immediately after the recent summit!

Optional rant:

Reuters article:

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I do think Assange was biased in how/when he chose to use the information given to him during the 2016 US elections - but if political bias were a crime then every major US news network would have most of their journalists rounded up with Assange.

There is something much more vile at work here than journalistic bias or misconduct. We are watching fascism emerge, and learning that it doesn't slyly slither up, like a serpent before swiftly attacking its prey, no, it walks in the front door of our country, wipes it's feet on the welcome mat, is welcomed in with open arms and sits down to dinner with your family and friends.

The ideology behind protecting journalists, to use another apt metaphor, is the oil on the gears of democracy. Without that lubricant, that flow of critical information to the people, the machine inevitably grinds to a halt.

Metaphor and crafted phrases aside, no matter what your politics may be, or your opinion of Julian Assange, if you're a US citizen (or anyone that values democracy over fascism, really) then this should seem highly disturbing to you. This goes way beyond partisan issues, right to the core mechanism for maintaining a free society - freedom of press. The individuals who personally acquire the source material have always been the one's at risk, not the journalist or any other 3rd party who is merely sharing the information. This should not a debatable issue in a free or democratic society. The risk must be on those who would brave it in the name of doing what they feel is right, when they feel their duty to freedom outweighs duty to a government agency. Not to mention, the 'leak' on most people's minds from Assange is the 2016 Clinton material that Trump enthusiastically requested president Putin and his government obtain. But that is beside the fact, the main issue here is that even if you hate Assange and Wikileaks, we now have a precedent set that will discourage anyone from publishing any material that could save a democracy from digression to fascism. Likewise, the statement to already fascist states is that the USA no longer has the right (and likely not the desire) to take any action against those who lock up and murder journalists.

Freedom of the press, like all freedoms, requires that we allow some things to exist that we personally find distasteful. Allowing Assange the right to be protected under freedom of press, even if you dislike him or what he does, is one of those things you have to accept, or the system doesn't work. Freedom cannot be à la carte - it's an all you can eat buffet-style affair. Damnit, there I go with metaphor again...

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Are there any VERIFIABLE sources that show Huawei has backdoor/spyware installed on their devices? Aside from the Intel stuff, like ME, that's on nearly every modern computer and certainly isn't a China-related issue. I'm not being facetious, I really just don't see any articles or anything stating any facts here, just that Trump decided to say they (and other Chinese companies) are bad guys... I must be missing something, though.

I've heard the argument that these are Chinese companies and that technically Chinese government controls all Chinese companies... but I mean is there really any proof the Huawei has done anything? This all seems like yet another USA false flag tactic to me. The risk posed merely from a government POSSIBLY intervening in a company is the same risk posed by any US company. If the NSA subpoenas a US company to do something they do it and shut their mouths about it. This HAS been documented in the past.

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I'm not usually that impressed with anything Pelosi does/says, but this is a rare moment where she seems to be speaking as a real human, more so than a politician - at least in the first part of this. It's worth seeing at least the first few minutes of this, before the mind-numbing inane mass-media questions start...

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You can deny the comments on this, some of them... but you can't deny the chart itself. There's a story here.
Does @realDonaldTrump also want credit for the 401K losses from all this volatility?

The market is just FINALLY back where it was when it was still running on Obama's momentum. It's not time to celebrate yet, a head & shoulders isn't that far off from the current formation.

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The real threat to freedom is not #Trump, #waroncash

While people are distraced by Trump, which does not matter at all, the real danger to freedom, the war on cash is heating up in #india #australia #sweden