I permanently deleted my #facebook profile today! Feels kinda weird and kinda nice.
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@Oliver I wanted to do it for a long time, just hoped to get some people to move to Friendica first.... It unfortunately did not work.
Same here ... but finally, I don't care at all. We all have to make decisions. Killing my facebook account wasn't utterly wrong as we can see these days.

(we all know, actually "they" will not delete your account-data, but we stopped feeding them with new data)
Guy Van Sanden - 2 years ago (2013-06-18 08:20:08)
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Tomorrow I will switch all of my web servers to https only. You should too. Next step: set up TOR nodes everywhere. #PRISM.
Indeed, I retweeded a RH evangelist, but somehow that got stripped of the post
Replacing Google reader, part 2
2 Weeks ago, I wrote about replacing Google reader on my blog and promised to get back to you with the results of the 2 alternatives I've been trying out: Owncloud news and Friendica's RSS functionality.

The outcome was decided pretty naturally and it also surprises me a little. Though Friendica's RSS features is really nice, I ended up using both!

Most of my RSS feeds are technology sites and they ended up in Owncloud News (which fully imported my Google Reader list in less than a minute). OC Reader also has a nice Android app to complement it and that makes it so great.

But I did discover that some feeds like Dilbert and xkcd (comics) seemed to naturally belong in Friendica, where I could also share them immediately with friends. So, my Feeds are ending up divided between the two systems.

In the end, Google did me a favor by cutting reader, and in the wake of the US PRSM program, I will take my indepence from these cloud providers a step further (stay tuned).
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I understand the NSA is offering good bulk-storage deals at the moment :-o
Learning lessons the hard way, put trust in people only to be taken advantage off... crap
Warning! Piwik 1.9.2 contains a backdoor! if /piwik/core/Loader.php contains eval(gzuncompress(base64_decode( you are...
Fun: Skype vulnerability allowing hijacking of any account if you know just the email address. 

Skype vulnerability allowing hijacking of any account if you know just the email address. : netsec

Here's the original link where I've read about this (in Russian) - with multiple people in the comments confirming i...
Oh boy, who would have seen this coming </sarcasm> !ubuntu

Blogger Claims Ubuntu’s New Shopping Lens Breaks EU Law

Is an EU law on data protection being broken in Ubuntu 12.10?

That's the charge being put forward by blogger Luís de Sousa, who has spent the best part of 10 years working with state institutions where, he says, 'issues with private data are recurrent.'

Sousa claims to have found several articles of an 1995 EU Directive on the protection of users personal data that Ubuntu's controversial new 'Shopping Lens' conflicts with
Cool: Recover Your GPG Passphrase using 'John the Ripper'

Ubuntuvibes: Recover Your GPG Passphrase using 'John the Ripper' ~ Ubuntu Vibes | Daily Ubuntu Linux Updates

Tweet John the Ripper is a free and Open Source password cracker. Its primary purpose is to detect weak Unix passwords and It is one of the most popular password testing and breaking programs. It combines a number of password crackers into one package, autodetects password hash types, and includes a customizable cracker. JTR is available in offic...
First hoarfrost this morning ... I can't find my coat ...
It's not that late in the year yet, Belgium's got crappy (mostly humid) weather. But this cold is about a month early.
my #elas workshop on the #lets vlaanderen feest starts in a couple of minutes....
A lot more people know who I am here than the other way arround... *blushes*
@demorgen: Van Quickenborne voorstel  over NMBS - Hoe veel duidelijker kan het worden dat het een slecht idee is?
1.5 hours of traffic jams after another sleepless night. Sigh
Guy Van Sanden - 3 years ago (2012-10-03 12:20:27)
Wil toch even zeggen dat ik de #staking bij de #nmbs  steun.  1 spoorbedrijf in overheidshanden is ook beste oplossing voor reizigers.
@Tobias Diekershoff Strange, can't find an option to do that... Following a couple of identica users here,but no reply or comment field.
#gluster failed horibly twice in distributed replicated mode, not sure if this is actually usable
Don't get #whatsapp, android phones have gtalk built in an ios has imessage.
Man, after a wrong mynetworks line in my postfix server, I opened it to relaying!  I got a massive attack of mails to yahoo networks which filled up my spool directory.  Recovered now luckily.
Crap, my mail gateway ran out of diskspace on almost 3GB of spools!
Waarom vind ik de #pvda niet terug op de sociale  stemtest? #socialestemtest #vk2012

Stemmenisgeenspel: De Sociale Stemtest

Bekijk de verkiezingen van 14 oktober door een andere bril en ontdek welke partij het dichtst bij jouw standpunten aanleunt. Doe de test op
Taurix Dot Net
Taurix will be moving from #apache to the #nginx webserver to increase our hosting performance, first phase is on it's way already.
Is the #diabook theme not maintained anymore (read this on the Android timeline, not confirmed)?
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Git repo shows the last commit 4 months ago... would be a real shame as Diabook is the best theme by far IMO...
Wat een geluk dat ik niet in Antwerpen ben, beton gemorst in het centrum en een serieus ongeval op de #e313...
@New Here I read @Mike the Friendican 's post about building the federated social web and nobody wanting it sounded very familiar.

For years, I've been developing a PHP application to manage LETS groups, it's called eLAS (only available in Dutch).  Though eLAS itself is a huge success, I asked my user base about their need for more tools to communicate over the borders of their local LETS groups.  The overwhelming answer was yes.

So, I set up a instance and even build integration with eLAS to make it more useful.  I opted for statusnet as many users where familiar with Twitter and the limited featureset would help keep the load on my server down.

Guess what, a year later, it has only a handful of users and the only active posts are either from myself or automated posts by eLAS.

I really have no idea about why exactly it failed, but giving those users what they say they want did not work out at all...  Instead, they are building their own groups on facebook limited to their own groups and locked in to a system that sees them as a product to be sold (everything the LETS philosophy counters).  

</end my rambling>
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Contemplating the idea of running my own public Friendica node to encourage people on my Facebook lists to switch...
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